Artwork that Leaves an Impression: My 4 Faves

As someone who works in the fine art field, I see all kinds of art on a daily basis. As things go, whenever I see a piece I might want to invest in, I look at the price tag and realize that my whole life isn’t worth that much. And it’s really frustrating when the piece is by an artist who doesn’t know how to price their work–which is a topic I’ll probably write on at some point. Most artwork is way beyond my budget anyways, but I still dream of one day having my own collection.

If you’ve had the opportunity to browse a museum like the Met in New York or the Louvre in Paris then you’ve probably seen some iconic artwork. Maybe it was better than you imagined it in person, or maybe it was totally unimpressive–like Baroque Italian art is to me. But chances are, you’ve laid eyes on a piece that has struck you in the soul and left you wanting more. Continue reading