Maybe…I Kissed Dating Good-Bye

There are about 3 questions that I get asked all the time that I just don’t like to answer. The number one question is always something to do with my romantic life. It’s always some variation of “are you dating anyone?”, “are you married?”, or “do you have a boyfriend/husband?”. Now-a-days, those questions always get followed up with “well why not?”. It’s kind of hard to answer these questions when you’re put on the spot, especially by someone you barely know or you just met. Sometimes I just want to snap back with a sarcastic “well maybe I don’t have a boyfriend because I like women”, but that would probably get lost somewhere over the head of the inquirer.  Continue reading

Big City to Smaller Town…a change I didn’t know I needed

The typical move people my age and younger seem to make is to leave their hometown for an adventure in a big city. It’s a cliche of the American Dream and I of course, did the opposite. Having lived in a big diverse city my entire life, I never saw the “adventure” in it. I had tasted the rural life for a few years growing up–we lived on a large avocado grove and owned a yellow tractor and rode horses and never wore shoes (although, that might just be the Florida in me because I still don’t wear shoes)–but I’ve been a city girl my whole life. Continue reading

When the Stars Align and Tupac is No Longer Dead

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t gotten around to doing it? Or maybe you’re too scared to do it and are worried what someone might say?

I can fully accept that I am part of the Millennial generation and a defining characteristic of this generation that I’ve noticed is the fact that we get discouraged so easily and live in an almost dream world. “I’m going to do (insert something ambitious here), but when the stars align, the world knows peace, Pluto becomes a planet again, and Tupac reveals where he’s been hiding all these years.” I don’t know how we got so discouraged, but we hopped on this hamster wheel of excuses and we’ve become so complacent that we’ve let the world go on around us while living vicariously through someone else’s struggles. Continue reading