Walking on History: Uncovering Graves Inches Under our Feet

Since I was a kid, I’ve had a mild obsession with the past–ex. hunting ghosts, digging for gold or other artifacts, collecting “valuable” rocks (I still have my rock and gemstone collection), Rach and I had a pirate phase and even drew a detailed treasure map based on historical records of shipwrecks. I probably should have wanted to be an archaeologist instead of an astronaut, but it’s too late for any of that now.

We used to dig holes in the yard looking to strike it rich. Pretty sure the only interesting “artifacts” we ever found though were coral rock–to be fair, that stuff has some cool fossils even if they aren’t prehistoric– screws and nails, and the odd penny. Nothing of note or value and we certainly never made it to the news with our discoveries. I always wanted to be the lucky bastard who found a wooly mammoth skeleton in their yard or an entire Native American village under six feet of grass but that never happened…until I moved out of Miami as a full fledged adult.

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