10 Things that Inevitably Happen when your Social Circle is more than Double your Age

I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m actually 75 years old. Ok maybe not physically, but mentally, I’m a grandma. Over the last roughly ten years I’ve spent the majority of my social (and work) time with people well over double and triple my age. Yes, I have friends in my generation but I don’t get to see most of them as often as I would like so I end up spending a heck of a lot of time with the older generations. Prime example, I went to a 70 birthday party last weekend and had a great time! I was the youngest adult there.

When I was a teenager and even in college, I was so ready to be away from older people bossing me around and telling me how little I knew about life (insert emo phase) and I wanted to 1) prove them wrong and 2) find out for myself what adulting was really like. Now, everyone definitely needs to learn to adult on their own, but a little guidance here and there isn’t a bad thing. I’ll be frank though, the first thing I realized from spending time with older generations who were not my parents was that you shouldn’t believe every thing or opinion your parents raised you to believe. Spending time with so many different mature minds lends yours to a gold mine of knowledge, opinions and advice, and if you listen, you find yourself expanding and growing your mind. Everyone has something they can offer you, especially someone older than you.


Just two friends who don’t like hugs 😉

So without further ado, here are 10 things that inevitably happen when your social circle is more than double your age:

  1. There is always someone willing to buy you lunch and say, “I got this, you can buy me lunch when you’ve been working for 20 years.” And let me tell you, when I’ve been working a long time I hope there is someone much younger than me that I can buy lunch for just because.
  2. Some sweet lady has a “hot, single, talented grandson” to set you up with, and you’re both probably looking for the same thing: the perfect man.
  3. Piggy-backing on three, the first question a new acquaintance asks you is, “Are you married?” [no] “Are you seeing someone?” [no] “Well, I’ll keep an eye out for you!” [thankssss]
  4. You become a magician, aka their go-to IT person to solve their technological woes.
  5. You start to drive like them…
  6. You find yourself googling a whole bunch of deceased people because you have no idea who they were talking about at dinner, and the odd time you do know, you won’t let them forget about it.
  7. You realize how small the world really is because all of a sudden they’ll see someone and introduce them to you as a friend from grade school who they haven’t seen in 40 years.
  8. You realize how important kindness is–you do NOT want to end up like Negative Nancy.
  9. You learn to never take yourself too seriously because life is too short to worry about what others think of you.
  10. And lastly, you finally understand just how little you actually know and how much you have yet to learn.


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