When the Stars Align and Tupac is No Longer Dead

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t gotten around to doing it? Or maybe you’re too scared to do it and are worried what someone might say?

I can fully accept that I am part of the Millennial generation and a defining characteristic of this generation that I’ve noticed is the fact that we get discouraged so easily and live in an almost dream world. “I’m going to do (insert something ambitious here), but when the stars align, the world knows peace, Pluto becomes a planet again, and Tupac reveals where he’s been hiding all these years.” I don’t know how we got so discouraged, but we hopped on this hamster wheel of excuses and we’ve become so complacent that we’ve let the world go on around us while living vicariously through someone else’s struggles.

Two and a half years ago, we thought we were going through some defining changes in our lives. Today, I wouldn’t necessarily say they were “defining”, but looking back, I can see how we were coming up to some more significant changes. I was gone 20+ days a month and going through a breakup and Jenn needed a companion who wasn’t 35 and living out of her wallet. SOMEHOW, we both agreed that a dog was a good idea, however, for months we just kept putting it off and only talking about it. One day, I was home for 4 days in a row (which with my old job was unheard of) and we once again discussed getting a dog over our breakfast. However, the only place we agreed to go when Jenn came home was Trader Joe’s. Jenn went off to work and I sat in my dining room/living room/family room/kitchen of our tiny apartment looking at the Miami-Dade county humane society website for about an hour. I finally decided that we needed to JUST GO and see what was there. That afternoon, when she came home, we hyped ourselves up to go and then quickly reverted back to the “stars aligning/Tupac” speech and went on to Trader Joes. While browsing the half of the store dedicated to wine and alcohol, I picked up a bottle of wine with a giant smiley face on it. I turned it around to see what kind of wine it even was and the first thing I read on the label was “Get a dog?” DONE. I grabbed Jenn, we ran our groceries home and I drove us through rush hour traffic in Miami to the humane society and the rest is history. We came home with a tiny little orphan child named Steven. Our lives have been changed in only good ways and it was all because we finally stopped the over thinking and DID something.

Today, this week, whatever, just do something you’ve always wanted to do but were too scared to do it. Now I’m not saying get a dog, especially if you’re in no way capable of taking care of it.  It could be something as simple as trying a new haircut or hair color, trying a new restaurant that you keep saying you’re going to try, taking a class, volunteering somewhere, etc. Confidence and courage don’t come over night. Take the first step to building up that confidence and go try something new or do something you’ve been talking about. Just go do whatever it is you keep thinking about doing but stop short of because you buy into the “stars aligning/Tupac” spiel. Nobody gets anywhere by giving into fear. What’s the worst that could happen? You learn you don’t like something?

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